Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to see the Wizard...

Well, maybe no wizard, but how about Kangaroos and Kiwis? That's right, we're heading to Oz - Australia - followed by New Zealand. I can already taste the fresh fish, not to mention the lamb and beef that both countries are famous for.

I'll have plenty of updates when we get back. Among other things, we're booked to enjoy the Taste of Australia at Ochre restaurant in Cairns. This tasting menu includes... Kangaroo! and Emu! Some friends from work are taking us to the
Waterfront Restaurant in Sydney. If the food is anything like the view, I'll definitely have something to write about.

So check back in mid-September for our adventures - culinary and otherwise in the Land down under.
Daring Bakers note: I've got my post for August all ready. If I get online, I'll publish, but if not, it'll be posted as soon as we get home!

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