Sunday, April 19, 2009

Last Supper #15: Tetsuya Wakuda

Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of Sydney's famed Tetsuya's had a simple wish for his last supper: tuna, many ways. In my world, many became 3. I made 3 courses using super fresh sashimi grade tuna that I found at Whole Foods.

Course #1: homemade sushi. I made tune rolls with avocado and cucumber. I made a little spicy sauce with some mayo and sriracha. These were good, but I think I'll keep going to Ginger for my sushi. Mr. Kim just does it better.

Course#2: Tetsuya's own recipe for tuna with goat cheese. Sounds weird, but it was pretty tasty. Jeff enjoyed it more than I did. The presentation was very pretty.

Course#3: Tyler's ultimate tuna. I saw the episode on the Food Network and I had to make this dish. The tuna steaks were grilled rare and served with oven roasted vine tomatoes, a white bean puree, olive tapenade and arugula. So many of my favorite things coming together on one plate, but I have to say it fell a little flat. Maybe it was me, but something just wasn't working for me. (Maybe preparing 3 tuna courses just got to be a bit much that night!!!)

All in all this was a good meal but not really one I'd repeat. It does mark #15 on Project Last Supper. 25 more to go. Up next: Jonathan Waxman and some spring lamb!

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